Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It Could Save Your Life...Or End It.

Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

Released in 1980, this #1 song on the US charts has sold over 4 million copies but it could be used to save your life......or not.

The song was written by bassist, John Deacon, around a very simple but powerful bassline. In fact, it is so powerful that the British Heart Foundation has recommended that anyone performing CPR should sing this song as the bassline is nearly the perfect rhythm for restarting a human heart. 

But imagine if you just had a heart attack and, essentially, you're dead and you suddenly regain consciousness only to discover someone hovering over you saying "..dun..dun..dun..another one bites the dust...dun..dun..dun..another one bites the dust...and another one gone and another one gone...another one bites the dust....hey...gonna get you too..another one bites the dust!" You might scream and wonder if you've been attacked by a serial killer that likes to push on his victims chests.

Enjoy the song...but please sing this one to yourself when saving a life.

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