Monday, January 23, 2017

She Blinded Him With Hair Spray

New Toy by Lene Lovich

I was going to go into a long post about how much I like this song, which I do.....but then I watched the video (which I had never seen before) and now I'm just at a loss for words. The official video for the song is typical early 80's...light on concept, big on weirdness. The photo from above is of Lene from a European tv performance......and that's a hair style, no doubt about it. But it seems that she was always a little free-wheeling with her hair and lets face it, it was the 80's and hair was a way to express yourself. So who am I to judge?

I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn't point out Lene's keyboard player. He's in the video. Its none other than Thomas Dolby. Maybe it was Lene that blinded him with science.

Please enjoy.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mr. Michael.....Your Solo Career Is Waiting....

Careless Whisper By George Michael

Released in July of 1984, this was his first solo single, although he wouldn't officially begin his solo career until 3 years later. In the US it was credited to Wham! (featuring George Michael) but its obvious this was where he was headed. The song reached #1 in ten countries and has sold over 3 million copies.

A crushingly sad tale of a guy that cheats and ruins the best relationship he had and his acknowledgement that he's to blame for what happened. George claimed that the sax line in the song was written when he was 13 on a bus heading home from school. If that's true, than good on ya. The song, co-written by Andrew Ridgeley, has been covered multiple times but the original version still has the best sax other even comes close.

The video was filmed in Miami and really captures the story of the song, with George putting in a great performance as the cheater singing his ass off about how badly he messed up. It was an instant classic on MTV.

Please enjoy.