Sunday, December 28, 2014

Uummmmmm....Just Wow.

Poor Eddy Murphy....

I know he thought he was starting a singing career, and having seen him on Saturday Night Live, we all knew he COULD sing. But for some odd reason he thought he could start a proper singing career and for an even odder reason he chose to enlist the help of Rick James. While Rick had his fair share of hits back in the late 70's and early 80's, including the always awesome Super Freak, his star had started to wane by 1985.

If you watch this video or even listen to this song, you'll know that Rick was involved......and by involved I mean he wrote the song, he produced the song, he sang on the song, he played on the song, he co-stared in the video......he may have even run the camera. Its sad that Eddie thinks this is his big chance...but Rick has another idea. If this doesn't look like Rick's attempt to restart his career, then I don't know what this is....but it sure ain't good.

Please try to enjoy Eddie Murphy's (or is it Rick's) Party All The Time

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Greatest 80's Christmas Song Of All Time

Wham!.....Last Christmas.

Released December 10th, is the best 80's Christmas song ever. It captures the timelessness of that era at the same time it encapsulates a moment in time that can never be repeated. Wham! was at the top of its game. Only a year and a half later, the band would break up (a mutual decision that no one understands) and the chart dominance of George Michael would begin.

But this song was unleashed upon the world that Christmas season and reached #2 in the UK. It holds the record as the highest selling song to NOT reach #1 in the UK as the song that held the top spot that holiday season was none other than the hugely famous Do They Know Its Christmas? by Band Aid.

To this day this song consistently charts during the month of December in England, reaching as high as #26 back in 2011.

The video captures another moment in time....and that would be the big hair era of the 80's. The hairspray budget on this video must have been astronomical. But what's up with George's ex-girlfriend in the video giving Andrew Ridgeley the broach pin that George gave her just the Christmas before?? That seems kinda cold, don'tcha think?

The video was shot in the small village of Saas-Fee, Switzerland. And if you look that village up, you may come across a blog post written by someone that lives there and is very upset that they don't properly show the correct layout of the village (he would go crazy if he lived in Los Angeles and saw how messed up TV and Movies portray that city).

In the mean time, please enjoy Last Christmas by Wham! (<-------mobile user click here to see video)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Songs That Need Our Love....Part 8


Yep....another 2 Tone band.

SKA was one of those styles of music that was just perfect for dancing and partying. Plus the clothing styles were ultra cool. Add to that the fact that most of the SKA bands could write some great songs and you have a winner. Madness were the English SKA Kings. They looked like a group of guys you'd want to have a few pints with and they were funny. Their videos were some of the more entertaining ones on MTV.

House Of Fun was one of those videos. They look like they're having fun the whole way through the video.....just imagine the hours of running around England being silly. They were obviously big fans of Monty Python (so was I and most of my friends) so they HAD to be cool. The subject matter of the song was mostly unknown to me for most of the 80's but I've since been enlightened. "Box of balloons with a feather light touch / Pack of party poppers that pop in the night". Were talking about condoms here people. The song tells the story of a young man trying to buy his first pack of condoms at the local chemist but since he's using slang to describe what he intends to buy, the chemist sends him to a joke shop called "The House Of Fun".

The song was Madness's only # 1 song in the UK. And while the song was never released as a single in the US, the video was shown on MTV enough that the band became a fan favorite among the SKA movement.

Please enjoy House Of Fun by Madness. Party hats NOT included.