Sunday, August 31, 2014

What Were We Thinking???!!!

I Love The 1980's!!!!

Now that I've said that....let me quickly tell you that sometimes what we loved wasn't always awesome...but then again...maybe it was after all. Its my goal with this blog to point out all that was embarrassing AND awesome from the 1980's. And let me assure you...there's plenty of both. While what I say my bring up some hostility from a few select people, let me be the first to say that I hear you and in most cases, I agree with you, but I'm here to remind and enlighten you. If I bash or mock something you loved, keep in mind that I loved it too or I wouldn't be writing about it now. Everything is open game; Music, Movies, TV, Fashion, you name it, I'm going to point at it and laugh. But I'll be laughing at myself for loving it just as much as you do.
With all that behind us....lets have some fun reliving the best decade EVER!! And ask the question....What Were We Thinking???