Monday, January 26, 2015

Songs That Need Our Love...Part 10

Joe, not the one related to Michael.

This one was born in Staffordshire, England as David Jackson but picked up the nickname Joe....and it stuck with him. In the early 80's he scored a hit with the song Steppin' Out but this song off the follow up album was much better but never got the love it deserves....until now.

Please enjoy You Can't Get What You Want by Joe Jackson

Saturday, January 24, 2015

If This Ain't The Funniest Movie About Gangsters...Then I'm The Pope.

Johnny Dangerously

I fargen love this movie. Staring Michael Keaton, Joe Piscopo, Marilu Henner and a whole host of funny people, this is the spoof of gangster films from the 30's and 40's.

Johnny is a popular gangster who works for the Dundee gang. The Moronie gang is their enemy and they go to any length to kill or maim each other...but since this is a comedy the killing is kept to a minimum. The jokes on the other hand, fly fast and furious. With an appearance by the Pope played by Dom DeLuise...

...and a gangster with a very dirty mouth who gets deported...

...and a health film featuring Betty Boop and her "friend" that will make you giggle...

...this film will keep you laughing through out. It doesn't hurt that the theme song was written and performed by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

I found a trailer for the film to convince you that you should watch it once.....ONCE !!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Silliest Film of 1984. Hands Down

If you're looking for a movie about a guy that fell for a girl that turned out to be the long lost love of the guy that is the leader of the French Underground while looking for her imprisoned father that is being forced to develop a secret weapon against his will....

Top Secret!

The early 80's saw some of the silliest films ever made. Airplane set the standard but this gem deserves some love. Released in 1984, this Zucker, Abrahams, Zucker directed film was their follow up to the hugely popular, and very silly, Airplane.

Top Secret! is a spoof on wartime spy films but also makes fun of the Elvis movies. Val Kilmer, in his first leading role, is American Rock 'n Roll star Nick Rivers (Val sings all the songs in this film and the songs are great).

Nick stumbles into a plot by the French underground to free Dr. Paul Flammond who is being forced to develop the Polaris Mine for the East Germans (don't ask, just accept that its funny). Dr. Flammond's daughter, Hillary, is the object of Nick's attention after he sees her and its love at first sight. The silliness comes at you non-stop. From the sight gags..... the underwater bar fight.

But the real stars of this film are the members of the French Underground.

Nearly every scene with these guys are hilarious. Sight gags, verbal puns, general silliness. I mean, when the leader is named Nigel "The Torch" you know the tongue is securely in cheek.

The plot of the film isn't really important as this is just an exercise in silliness (I wonder why I love this film?) but when you have scenes like the film legend Omar Sharif playing a contact for the Underground who gets captured and thrown into a car crusher....only to come back later wearing a crushed car but still alive and able to complete his mission....what can I say? Silly. Or how about famed British actor (and Star Wars cast member) Peter Cushing staring as a book dealer in a scene that was filmed entirely in has to be seen to be believed.

If you're looking for plot, drama, meaningful dialogue and Oscar worthy performances, this ain't it but if you want to spend an hour and a half watching silliness, this is the film for you. Trust me, you'll enjoy yourself and what could be better than that?

Please watch the trailer and then go watch the movie.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Songs That Need Our Love...Part 9

Total Coelo

I'm not sure what the hell this is supposed to be, but it's 80's dance pop and its......odd?

I normally try to give you some info about the group and the song...but I'll be honest, there ain't much out there about this goofy song and its even more ridiculous video. But its is SOOOOO 80's its not even funny.

Please enjoy I Eat Cannibals by Total Coelo...I apologize in advance.